Sri Sri Ghee

Clarified organic butter from our Sri Sri Tattva product range, the Sri Sri Ghee is home produced, in a clean and pure environment. Its source is a tasty local bio-butter, prepared in a specific ayurvedic cooking manner, resulting in a rich, odourless and delicious addition to meals.

Organic Certified

EU-natural-resource certified (EU-Landwirtschaft), our ghee is produced from a Baden-Württenberg regional organic butter in a controlled and pure environment (DE-ÖKO-003 certified organic), ensuring its pleasant flavour, bright yellow colour tone and smooth texture.

Black Forest Home Production

The peaceful small community surrounding in the Black Forest is the home of our ghee production. Adjacent to a daily meditation and wellness facility with a subtle energy environment, this becomes the perfect extra ingredient that makes our ghee so delicious.

Traditional Ayurvedic Recipe

Our specialised ghee preparation method is a low-temperature, very slow cooking clarification process providing a more sophisticated and odourless taste. The small batches production is done and supervised by an experienced Ayurvedic specialist.

Social Projects

We are serious in our dedication to make this world a better place, so a part of our profits goes into social projects sustaining and promoting women empowerment and free schooling projects, as well as disaster aid and trauma-relief needs, around the globe.

Ghee is so tasty.
And so amazingly healthy.

Healthy fats, as quite recently discovered, help improve our overall well being, whereas ghee has been used and known for its beneficial properties for more than 2000 years. Simply put, ghee is a healthy oil-type food item that can be consumed daily.

Ghee production: Butter is slowly melted on a very low gas fire in order to have the water evaporated and milk solids burned and then strained away – resulting in an excellent lactose-free and nutty flavoured meal base or meal addition. It has a high smoke point, meaning it can be heated on high temperatures without burning.

It contains healthy fatty acids (conjugated linoleic and butyric acid) and vitamins (A, E and K), good for bone structure, digestion etc., ghee is also used in Ayurvedic traditional medicine, treatments and practices.

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